Professional year - Commercial - Project 2

Fratt Elementary School Addition

Fratt Elementary School Annex in Racine, WI is the 3rd addition to Fratt Elementary School, an elementary school whose origional building dates back to the turn of the 1900's. The Annex added 2 classrooms, a library, and a multipurpose/lunchroom to the school in addition to an elevator and restrooms.

In October 2011, Fratt Elementary School Annex was awarded a Silver Certification under the LEED for Schools 2009 Rating System, the first such certification in the State of Wisconsin.

This project was also performed utilizing Revit software of which my principal roles were the construction of the model and coordination with consultants. As the only LEED AP on staff, I also was responsible for ensuring the project could obtain an owner mandated Certification from the USGBC.

A geothermal field was dug in the neighboring playground and is used for pre-heating and cooling of the HVAC system. Engineering estimates predict the system will pay for itself in 7 years with energy savings compared to a conventional system. Other green features of the project include ample daylighting, use of low or no-VOC materials and a high reflectance roof to minimize the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Fratt Aerial Library